Yoga for me

Yoga for me means UNION.  It is a place where I can find balance in between mind and body. It is a wonderful tool to help structuring your life. Stepping on the mat is stepping into a structured space. In that outer space I can find security and through deep stretching I can release tension and let go of it, become soft again, reconnect with the beat of my heart. I integrated my Yoga practice in my daily life. It has become as common for me as washing my teeth. What I really appreciate about Yoga is that I can practice it everywhere, in the airport, airplane, in nature, in the train, in the streets, in museums, in schools, ...

„There is really no excuse NOT to practice on a daily base“

My Yoga Class..

My Yoga class is a sequence of rituals in connection with the elements. I give the focus and awareness along to the breathe and the relationship to the earth, the air, the fire and the water. It is important to me to implement the idea that we are not cut from mother nature, we are wind, earth, fire and yes water. It is important to me to remember the 3 stadiums of life : birth- life- death and for some culture’s belief an infinite fourth stadium of rebirth. For me Yoga is this practice, chapters that come back in the debut relaxation, the vertical Asana practice and the final exercising of the death position (Savasana- deep final relaxation)

Down to Earth

Yoga as I teach or share it , is a circle, a never ending line and a ritual.

My Yoga ritual begins with a small relaxation, a way of arriving, cutting from the many happenings of the day. I always give space to just be and feel what is there right now.

We often run from one event to another, from one place to the next. Losing our awareness, orientation on what our inner child or animal really wants.

Arriving on the mat is an important ritual to step out of the insane overflow of happenings and stepping into a fresh , empty space, just for you, without any obligations nor expectations.

Up in the Air

I break the silence debut relaxation with the sounds of either Sansula or Shanti, to wake up the mind again and invite it to return in the here and the now.

The Shruti Box sings along with me for the OM chanting. Om as it is said to be the first universal sound. I experience the OM as a high vibration that starts in the upper body and ends up with a good feeling in the hara, the solar plexus, our belly, the navel of our world. The group has joined in, we are now tuning in into a collective space of sound. Creating together a high vibrational energy.

I practice with my pupils a small meditation in between the chanting and the pranayama (breathing exercises). This is a perfect space for me to observe the breathe, the monkey mind and putting the awareness on anything that occurs inside and outside of myself. What is here , right now? Embracing everything that is present Now!

We are still in seated position and practice PranaYama, the connection to our essence, the breathe.

„I breathe, so I am“

I offer a variation of breathing exercises, some more classical and some more playful in coordination with movement. The essence for me in that exercise is to remember to reinstall the awareness of breathing. Who am I when I breathe? How do I breathe? What are the effects of proper breathing? Breathing deeply is the deceleration of the heartbeat, the alignment of the rhythm of the soul, the spirit and the body. It has an immediate relaxing, calming effect to breathe deeply within the belly.


The interaction of all the elements

Now has come the appropriate moment to step on the bottom of  my mat and reach out to TadAsana. For me one of the most powerful asana to work out your groundation. Seemly doing nothing and still doing so much: Connecting your feet to mother earth, align your polarities (feet-head). Rooting your feet, your legs , hips and hara staying centered, spine, neck and head reach out to father sky. How does it feel to just stand still?  Eyecontact with the divine infinite, being firm in your posture and your mind is relaxed and calm.

How do I stand for myself? Am I grounded? Do I show up authentically?

The postures of less movements are most appropriate for self-inquiry.

My Asana teachings are a ritual of horizontal and vertical postures. A cycle of death-birth-life-death. A deep connection through the elements and nature’s power animals by connecting with the breathe.

SURYA NAMASKAR on the menu with variations. It is a sun salutation’s exercise. Remembering the divine source of light and honouring it, is for me an important ritual. It is almost a religious act. Sometimes I surprise with little variations. The ritualized surya namaskar helps creating heat in the body, like the sun is penetrating into your insights. Repeated movements can make the mind go down and people can travel back in their bodies. Unexpected variations however is keeping the mind alert and fresh. Finding the balance inbetween  classical processes and tingly variations is a play, a creative exercise for me.

„In the details, lays its beauty“

Yes I like to repeat, to develop and let the body unfold in beauty. That is what happens during the Asana practice. The repetition is offering a comfortzone, where people find security because they can relay on inherited knowledge.

I follow the classical red thread of Sivananda, Hatha Yoga. That is the base camp. From there we move to peaks, variations, explorations whilst using deep breathing, affirmation, referring to the elements . Often a  sequence is complemented with mudras (finger-hand postures) like water mudra, lotus mudra and yoni mudra. WATER MUDRA helps us remembering our inner water, honouring the waters of the planet. YONI MUDRA helps us worshipping the feminine qualities inside each one of us. LOTUS MUDRA is a reference to the divinity that is in each one of us. NAMASTE to the heart is a holy exercise to connect with our heart.

Yin & Yang sequence

I am convinced that we all have both energies inside of us. The Yin more soft and receiving, feminine energy and the Yang, more structured and powerful , achievement supporting , masculine energy.

My classes are sculpted for anyBody who wants to let go and to achieve goals in his life.

It is a class balanced between soft poses  and more dynamic flows.

SavAsana- the final relaxation

Nothing can be such a relief as SavAsana. After a good body work-out, good stretches, comes the reward, the final relaxation. JUST BE! Nowhere to go, nothing to do, just let go of ideas, patterns and be in the now and the here. Feel the deceleration of the heartbeat. For some it might be a challenging exercise , not to move, to feel and receive what wants to appear in that particular moment. Not sliding into reaction , adding some movements. Staying in the observer modus, where ideas, images, old patterns,...everything is passing by like clouds. Don’t hold on to anything. Make yourself empty and be a vessel for anything that wants to pass through you.

„Less is more“

This moment is for me the absolute right timing for sharing my ideas, my creativity by waking up with one affirmative, strong sentence, by bringing ludic sounds from my various instruments like Hangdrum, Sansula or Shanti soft beats. Everything is possible in the space of emptiness. Dare to let go and step into the nothingness.

Final OM chanting and Mantra circle

We finish all together in a vertical, seated position to close up with the final Om chanting. The Yoga ritual ends as it began. Circle effect- neverending line - same beginning - same ending. Finding back our comfortzone, our security field with something we well know- our OM ritual. Nothing more , nothing less.

Sometimes I give space for joyful surrendering in chanting one Mantra with the assistance of my beloved Ukulele. Opening up the heart, taking this love to our home, partner, children, job, family...Always remembering it on a subconscious level.


My teachings come from

  • Yoga Teacher Training- Yoga Vidya Westerwald 2013
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training  with Biff Mithoefer  2016
  • Participation of various workshops and conferences around the globe
  • Daily life

My inspirations come from...

Hatha  – Jivamukti – Vinyasa – Ashtanga – Yin –  Acro Yoga

Family – music – natural sounds – nature – elements (air, earth, fire,

water) – shamanic rituals – friends – animals – traveling – ...

How to find me on the mat

From mid September 2019 on

Yin & Yang Yoga on Tuesdays from 7.30 - 9.00PM

44, Avenue Salentiny

L-9080 Ettelbruck

„Be Your Own Inspiration- Meet Your Own Magic“