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"The work of magic is this,
that it breathes and at every breath transforms realities" - Rumi

SoundNomads & SoundWave

We are the SoundNomads: Natalie, Patrick and Lou our son . We travel the country and Europe with our instruments and share our passion for sounds.

This project is born under the influence of the winter season. In co-creation with my beloved husband and after a lot of winter evening jam sessions in our cosy studio , came out the idea of offering soundjourneys.

We love to have ethnic instruments from all over the world. We like to travel and always find interesting instruments. We are now in possession of a nice blend of various instruments to put up a soundjourney. Our instruments are:

Hangdrum, Shanti, Sansula, RagVast drum, shamanic drum, jew's harp, maracas, Didjeridoo, bamboo flute, harmonica, Shruti Box,...

The SoundNomads is my heart-project, because it is a non-verbal communication inbetween two loving persons and their instruments. We do not repeat nor plan a soundwave. It is happening intuitively, from the heart. Sometimes one instrument goes more into resonation with the group than another one.

Patrick, my husband , plays more air instruments like flute, didgeridoo, jew's harp and I am playing the hangdrum, maracas, harmonika, Sansula .

We meet us whilst playing the shamanic drum and toning whilst playing the Shruti box.

The idea of this project is to travel to different places, different locations and meet different people, different energies. Bringing our passion to the people and make them relax whilst listening to the various sounds of silence is our main purpose.

Our intention is also to visit different spots and make the visitors , the soundtravelers discover different part of their inner and outer world, space. So the main intention is to bring people together in order to build up a deep relaxing space in which you can fall into yourself, let go of ideas, impressions of the past and creating an empty space. From that space of nothingness can come new creations and awake your own creativity.


"We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust." - Rumi


SoundNomads Tour dates 2017


  • birthday party SoundWave (private session)
  • SoundWave at the Institution for Psychological Health (Ettelbruck)


  • SoundWave at a farm "an Aast" (Burden, Lu)


  • SoundWave at Epicerie um Durf (Schrondweiler, Lu)


  • SoundWave at Kura Waka (Groningen, Holland)


  • SoundWave in a private house (Dudelange, Lu)


  • SoundWave at Praxis TraumZeit (Losheim am See, Germany)


  • SoundWave at the Kula Yoga Festival (Camping Fuussekaul, Heiderscheid, Lu)

Summer Break


  • SoundWave at Escher Kulturlaaf (more info to come)


  • SoundWave at weekend du bois Beckericher Millen (more info to come)

Practical details:

  • SoundWave is not a concert, you don't have to do anything than lay down or take a relaxing seated position and be ready to let go and meet the magic.
  • Bring a mat, a pillow and a blanket for your own comfort

"The work of magic is this, that it breathes and at every breath transforms realities" - Rumi