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"You see things and say, "Why?"

But I dream things that never were and I say: "Why not?"

-George Bernard Shaw-

Living Yoga Room


Something needed to die to make space for something new.


The living Yoga Room is born from some visions and needed the guts now to come into life.


A cosy living room full of memories, has been transformed into a room to dream freshly.


The space is now available for a regular weekly Yoga class (8-10 Yoga mats). Read more in my Yoga.


Our SoundJourneys will be offered on a regular base in this room. Read more about the SoundJourney in SoundNomads (max 10 persons)


It offers  also the space to host friends with Cacao Ceremonies, Women's circles, Singing Circles, Active Meditations and so much more...


To keep yourself updated by all these temporary events , consult my Events for more details


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