My Dance

My husband and I met on the dancefloor. I could sense when he was around and life was suddenly out of time and space. Only the awareness of sensations , of meeting and circling around each other in movements. It seems as we did know each other for so long and not at all at the same time. I completely surrendered the flow of movements...

Since than we had a dog, we shared an apartment, became partners and got to travel and received a gift of life – our son Lou.

The dancing  meetings came back several years later. We occasionally met with fun-loving-dancing people in a monk monastery on Saturday mornings to express ourselves unleashed from the daily routine. It was a wonderful small, intimate group. I love to travel my mind back to these days...We always came refreshed and nourished out of these 2 hours Free Dancing Sessions.

Parallely I took part in some african and 5rhythms workshops. Especially the 5rhythms are a good tool to explore your emotional inner world. It stirs you up, brings you in contact with emotions repressed deeply in your sub-conscious.

The 5rhythms mainly is an amazing movement meditation. I learnt a lot with a bunch of international teachers. Most of all to step into a role, express what has to be expressed and step out again. Learning to drop the mind at the entrance door and completely surrender to the feelings that arise during a session.

The founder of the 5rhythms – Gabrielle Roth (1941-2012) is of a great inspiration to me. I never had the occasion to meet her, but through reading her books I can connect to her spirit and sense what a wonderful woman she must have been.

„When your world falls apart and you're left with just yourself, you're forced to discover who you are without all the beliefs, expectations, views, & self-image provided by some teacher or system. The calculating mind gives way to the intuitive mind, Knowing without Thinking.“ Gabrielle Roth

I tried and love Contact Improv Dance. The magical flow of constant body contact. Can be more soft and gentle hand or arm contact or full body contact. Overcoming judgment and getting intimate with another person is definitely on the menu.

There are many dance styles I would love to explore like Salsa or HipHop because they resonate with my inner fire, but my focus comes back again and again on Free Dancing Sessions.

Several years I explored the world of music to compile different styles of music in order to make people express different range of feelings.

I had a room for free whilst offering sessions without payment. I love this philosophy of  swapping energies. The sessions were of 2 hours duration, everybody was welcome. We had a lot of fun. There was nothing to be serious of, everybody could stay still, move , laugh, express what was arising in him .

After the free dancing sessions , we shared our food and made it an encounter of joy and happiness around the table. People mainly stood talking, chatting in our kitchen. Our house was no more a closet,(small, private room;-)  a refuge, but a shelter for unleashed , shinning,  happy people.

„It is such a pleasure meeting people that have just come out of dancing“

And I am the creative co-creator of the KULA YOGA FESTIVAL. A festival which supports Yoga, Meditation and Dance forms. Ecstatic Dance, 5rhythms or Free Dancing , Trance Dance are promoted on this festival. I am responsible for the programmation and promotion of this wonderful event in harmonious co-creation with my friend Anna.

Free like a bird...

What does it mean free dancing to me? It is this space where I feel like coming home in my body. All my feelings can be expressed. Sometimes I need to deep listen. Questioning myself: Moving or not moving? Standing still and silent or getting unleashed and reveal my inner fire to the group? The rhythm of the music generally guides me to those fields of emotional expressions.

I really appreciate the free dancing sessions, because I feel an enormous freedom of expression. It is a journey to myself and to the other self in total freedom of creative movements. No guidelines, no structure , no help. Pure sensational body expression.

Inspirational quotes by Gabrielle Roth...

„There is a dance only you can do, that exists only in you, here and now, always changing, always true. Are you willing to listen with fascination? If you are, it will deliver you unto the self you have always dreamed you could be. This is a promise.“

„If you want to give birth to your true self, you are going to have to dig deep down into that body of yours and let your soul howl. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and trust that if you turn off your head, your feet will take you where you need to go.“

„I believe in the power of motion, the wisdom of gravity, the emptiness of true love, the fact that there is no way out but through the body, no way up unless we all go together, no way down unless we follow the beat, no way in unless we embrace the dark.“

„Don't be afraid to show your light.. If it ends up being too much for people.. tell them to wear sunglasses!“


Where to find Free Dancing Sessions...

Buddha Hall

Camping Fuussekaul / Heiderscheid

More details to come

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