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"All the hemispheres in heaven
Are sitting around a fire
Chatting While stitching themselves together Into the Great Circle inside of You." - Hafiz

About Natalie

I am a kindergarten teacher for almost 15 years.  As I became a mother 11 years ago, life seemed to test me hardly: I breastfeeded for a long time, I had lack of sleep and was quickly too skinny and overwhelmed by a lot of things. I decided to opte for part-time job which suited me perfectly to give space to enter again in my personal well-being.

Short time after came Yoga, dance and massage in my life.


„When the pupil is ready, appears the master“

From my childhood on I was very flexible, discovering Yoga, was for  me like coming home, like doing something that naturally fits me. I  am an active-loving person, I have always been; I used to go running and followed a TaeKwandoMotivation training... Yoga and deep relaxation was not on my schedule.

I remember laying in my first Savasana (deep final relaxation), I had no issues of relaxing my body, but my mind was hard to become quite (monkey mind). At the same time I discovered that the best, creative ideas came to my mind during the Savasanas. I always came out of a yoga class with a good feeling of a stretched body, a recharged battery and a creative mind. Now I know that there can not be a creative flow, when there are too much activities. My personal experience learnt me that there is a need of an empty space. Out of  the empty space I can create, out of the emptiness occurs something new. I am personally convinced to create spaces for people to fall into that emptiness, where they can come back in their bodies and their mind can calm down.

I was so passionate about the Yoga discovery, I quickly started to explore different styles and began to create a Yoga Appointment for my friends. I had a space for free, when giving classes for free. I liked this idea and developed my yoga classes like this.

Not long after a Yoga teacher colleague asked me to replace him from time to time.

At that moment it was crystal clear I want to do my Yoga Teacher Training.

Since than I have taught in Luxembourg city from time to time for the Yoga4You association. And during the same time I began to create my own group, Yoga class which I guide now for several years.

Simultaneously I organized free dancing sessions. I travelled for weeks through different music styles in order to find an optimate playlist. I really love to dig deep into a research of finding music and it is an immense freedom to compile and sculpt a playlist imagining how people can move on these different rhythms.

Music make me feel. Music and dancing is a tremendous field of expressing my feelings. With music and dancing I have the sensation I ONLY AM.

All the roles I play in life like being a girlfriend, teacher, mother, partner, daughter, disappear. I can step out, reaching out the empty space again. Melting down the different layers to become what I really am.

Recently I have been to two massage trainings, one ayurvedic and one of thai yoga massage. Whilst Yoga helps to structure myself, dancing to destructure, is giving massage a direct heart-opener. Being on service for the well-being of a person. Offering a gentle and firm touch. Giving my breathe, my energy to another person is giving me so much back. It is like a circular , continuous flow of energy. You give and receive in the same time. It is a real blessing for me to have found these tools for my hands.

And last but not least I am a very blessed mother and partner. My husband and my son are a source for me, where I can find shelter, regeneration and before all with whom I can so much laugh. My house is the platform, the „seashell“ where I find refuge and can ressource myself and create from here. Out of all the tools learnt and mentioned above and in co-creation with my husband Patrick, came  a wonderful project : the SoundNomads. We have a large variety of instruments at home and not long ago came the singing bowls to us and many others.

We are now offering SoundWaves (SoundJourneys). We recently got the following testimonial of a friend: „When you play all your instruments, is for me like the marriage of Yin&Yang“. And so it is, so it feels like.


"I am grateful for everything that is in my life and for all the roles i can play in it." - Natalie