Meet Anansi, meet yourself, meet the magic

Anansi is the alliance of all my heart projects, be it Yoga, Dance, Massage or SoundWave.
My intention with all my projects is to touch people by hands, sounds, yoga classes, or with their own dance. In the foreground is the encounter in between beings, listening and learning from  each other. Co-creating magic in one to one or group encounters. MITAKUYE OYASIN, we are all related, sometimes we forget who we really are and that we are all related. Meeting on the mat or on the dancefloor is stepping into your own magic.

Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography - Kula Yoga Festival

My Dance

What is a Free Dancing Session? It is this space where you feel like coming home in your body. All your feelings can be expressed. Sometimes you need to deep listen. Questioning yourself: Moving or not moving? Standing still and silent or getting unleashed and reveal your inner fire to the group? The rythm of the music generally guides you to those fields of emotional expressions.

My Yoga Class

My Yoga class is a sequence of rituals in connection with the elements. I give the focus and awareness along to the breathe and the relationship to the earth, the air, the fire and the water.

My Massage

I offer two type of Massages

  • Abyanga Intensiv ayurvedic massage
  • Thai Yoga Massage.